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Feel The Nature With A Log cabin

You live in the city, but you also want to have a personal haven in the province during the holidays. The best thing to do is to build a log cabin in that wide expanse of land you own in the province. There is no better vacation than one that brings you closer to nature.

A cabin made of logs may seem fairly easy to build, but during the early days, tapering the logs to the right length can take a long time. Because of this, preparation and planning should be done to properly taper the logs into the right cut. Aside from this, the cabin design must be sturdy enough so that the cabin will be secure from the elements. The log cabin was very popular during the 17th century, especially in timber-rich regions. The base was built with horizontally placed logs and securely locked at the ends through notches. Building the roof was harder because there are many possible designs to consider, such as, the overhead space above as well as, if there will be a porch that needs to be integrated into the cabin design. These cabins were later patched up in the inside to make them more comfortable as well as to add an additional shield from the cold. During the end of the 18th century, cabin logs were mass manufactured and the log cabin was later known as log houses. Log houses have more sophisticated designs and the log cabins were later used as storage houses or animal shelter.

Securing a cabin from the cold or rainy weather is always a challenge since log cabins are not really candidates to build with a fireplace. The sheathing of both the inside and outside walls is usually observed when building a cabin. Sheathing materials can include plaster and wallpaper. The key is to use just enough plaster to keep the cold winds from blowing inside as well as to protect the inside cabin from moisture formation during the winter season.

On the other hand, the sidings will cool the inside cabin by not trapping the heat during the summer season. The warmth of living inside a log cabin will be appreciated more during summer when the smell of wood complements the bright rays of the sun in the morning.

Gone are the days when log cabins are manually built and every log tied at the end notch and every side plastered to protect it from the natural elements. Presently, almost any structure can be built within days using a log cabin kit. Modular and panelized designs for log cabins are already available on the market. A modular design system is a system of pre-fabricated modular blocks that are fitted together to form the required structure. On the other hand, a panelized design system also employs pre-fabricated components called panels that are likewise fitted to form part of a structure. The only difference between a modular and a panelized design system is that a panelized system is harder to assemble. If you are confused on what cabin design system to choose, there are also pre-assembled cabins available for purchase.