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Log cabin Builder

wise log cabin builder will know that the wood as a material is stronger than steel and more comfortable than blocks or plastic. Wood has been time-tested since the 18th century where old cabins during the era are still standing today and little restoration is needed. Though log cabins and log houses are traditionally made with wood, today, stronger polyester materials are applied using innovative building systems. On the other hand, wood is far superior as an insulator because of its fibrous make-up with tiny, pressed air pockets. A log cabin builder like Weyerhauser and Georgia Pacific knows this and that is why they still use wood as a cabin material together with the latest innovative cabin designs such as modular construction.

Log cabin builders of today are also taking necessary steps to preserve the environment while still keeping the quality of log cabin constructions. There are builders who employ a policy such that for each log cabin that they build, they will support and join reforestation programs or tree-planting projects to maintain the ecological balance. The most popular wood used for log cabins are Northern White Cedar, White Pines and Bald Cypress trees. Of these trees, the Red Cedar is the favorite. It is strong yet light and it is also rot-resistant, which makes it perfect for cabin constructions.

Log cabin builders also use fabrication to manage the production of logs. Similar to a manufacturing process, these builders have their own saw and buffing systems that will make the Cedar logs appear as if they are polyester modular blocks. They can even varnish the wood to preserve its natural color.

Similar to modular and panelized designs, a log cabin builder only needs to interleave each log using a groove or notch system that will be further strengthened by sealants and plaster materials. Applying engineering precision to an age-old material will result to an elegant and more efficient log cabin construction. Insulated yet airy, and light yet durable. Builders are beginning to realize that improvement does not necessarily mean a change in material but it can also mean a change in the design or construction system.