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Log Cabin Floor Plan

A log cabin floor plan is one of the easiest to create. Log cabins allow for a simplicity and an ease of design that allow even the most inexperienced designer to create their own. The simplest of log cabins are single room structures, with cooking area, eating area, sleeping area, storage and living area cleverly combined in the same room, with a bathroom either concealed in the same room or appended to the back of the cabin. Other floor plans divide the space into two rooms, one for the bedroom and bathroom, the other for the living room, kitchen, etc.

The problems, of course, arise when you try to put too complicated of a floor plan into a log cabin. Interior walls are more complicated with a log cabin floor plan than with any other kind of home. And that complication is only compounded by the additional work of running plumbing, electrical wire, etc., through the interior walls. In fact, the more complicated the interior plan becomes, the more difficult it becomes to design a floor plan. In fact, the most complicated designs are often far harder to design than log cabins. The most difficult are two-story cabins, or cabins with lofts, where additional structure must be included in the plans to support a second story.

As long as you keep your log cabin floor plan simple--no more than two or possibly three rooms--it should be no trouble for you to design it on your own. If, however, you want something more complicated, and especially if you want something with more than one story, then you'll be better off seeking the help of a professional architect or engineer. However, even in these cases, you may wish to draw up the plans yourself ahead of time; it will be easier to explain what you want if you can show it on paper.