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Log cabin furniture

You finally have the home of your dreams, a log cabin nestled in the heart of some secluded mountain valley. Now the real task begins: how are you going to furnish your new home? While there is no specific retail line you can point to and say "That's log cabin furniture," it's still important to keep the location and the setting in mind when choosing the furniture for your log cabin. Antique Victorian furniture would look out of place, and instead of harmonizing with the cabin, would add subtle undertones of stress and discordance, as would sleek modern furniture.

The kind of furniture that best suits a log cabin is often described as "primitive" or "rustic." Think warm, earthy tones when selecting fabrics and stains. Stick with rough hewn wood in furniture whenever possible. Shaker furniture is simple in the extreme, and goes beautifully with log cabin homes when you add the warmth and softness of a quilt or afghan in earth tones. Log cabin furniture should stay as simple as possible, and should lean heavily on throws, quilts, pillows, and accessories to add depth and interest. Unusual lines can also add interest, as long as the lines are kept rough and rustic. Adirondack chairs, for example, are an excellent example of furniture that is not only comfortable, but also suits your log cabin well.

Above all, log cabin furniture must be comfortable and homey. It should invite you to sit down, to relax, to forget about modern life for a while. You'll know when a piece of furniture is right in your log cabin; it will meld into the interior, become a part of the cabin, and seem, somehow, as though it had always been there; as though there was never a time when that particular chair, or that particular table, hadn't been a part of your home. Is that important? Yes, rather. Your log cabin should--must--feel like home, from the very first moment you step into it. The right furniture will lend itself to that sense of coming home. That's why it's so important that you choose furniture that fits.