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Log cabin kit

Gone are the days when log cabins are manually built and every log tied at the end notch and every side plastered to protect it from the natural elements. Presently, almost any structure can be built within days using a log cabin kit. Modular and panelized designs for log cabins are already available on the market. A modular design system is a system of pre-fabricated modular blocks that are fitted together to form the required structure. On the other hand, a panelized design system also employs pre-fabricated components called panels that are likewise fitted to form part of a structure. The only difference between a modular and a panelized design system is that a panelized system is harder to assemble.

If you are confused on what cabin design system to choose, there are also pre-assembled cabins available for purchase. Cabins as small as 16 x 18 feet can be ordered and it will fit anywhere as a storage or guest cabin. Such cabin sizes is considered the smallest size possible for a log cabin kit while the largest size for a cabin can measures up to 24 x 34 feet. It is rather affordable at $12,000 to $14,000, especially when it is customizable; the pre-assembled cabins can also be integrated with windows and doors as necessary.

The advantage of purchasing a pre-assembled log cabin is that you do not have to pay for labor assembling a modular or panelized design system. Also, a log cabin kit can be modified to your liking so you do not have to worry about buying the wrong log cabin.

Whether you are thinking of ordering a modular design system, panelized design system or a pre-assembled cabin, having a log cabin now is as simple and as easy as buying a gift from a toy store. Also, log cabins are not anymore restricted in terms of providing shelter since cabins have long been used for storage, animal shelter, garage extension and others so you can look for many uses of a log cabin. The only problem that you have to deal with is choosing the right design and size for you.