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Log cabin home

Interior design is a highly personalized and highly individualized area. With that said, there is a certain kind of decor that seems to attract everyone who lives in a log cabin home, and that kind of decor can either be ridiculously expensive, or ridiculously cheap. This article aims to help you find the decorating style you want for much less than you might think. It isn't all that difficult; all it takes is a little work and a lot of love.

First of all, what about the internet? eBay is still an excellent place to find inexpensive treasures for your log cabin home, although by the time you add shipping and handling and the time and trouble required to actually find these treasures, *particularly* if you aren't web savvy, it may be more trouble than it's worth. Plus, as more people become aware of the value of their items, it can be difficult at times to find a real bargain online. You may find it more profitable to try the good old-fashioned way; yard sales and trade days still have excellent furniture, interior decor items, and more, at the sort of prices you can expect when people are just trying to get rid of an overflow of "stuff."

And, finally, never overlook the power of local artisans. If you want something rustic, something simple and homey, something unique and unusual, always be on the lookout in the most unexpected places. Gather leads; any time you hear of a local artisan who may have work you're interested in, take the time to go check them out. You won't just be supporting a dying breed, you'll also have a chance to discover unexpected treasures, often at wholesale prices. Be ready to be surprised. Make each day an adventure. Your log cabin home will thank you for it.