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Log cabin modular home

Log cabins used to be built by hand -- each log painstaking cut and molded to smooth perfection. Today, however, pre-cut logs are available for building log cabins. Furthermore, a log cabin modular home design means that building a log house will be faster than ever.

During the early days, log cabins were made such that the side walls are logs interleaving one another and fitted into a notch at the end. Making a modular prototype for such a simple cabin design is fairly easy. Because of this, modular designs for cabins are readily available on the market. Modular building systems use engineering methods to facilitate the building of a structure. The speed associated with the modular building of structures does not mean that the structure is compromised or weak, rather, it is strong and more compact. Consumers who fear this will be happy to hear that modular designs follow the latest innovations in building methods. Not only are they more efficient, but they are also cost-effective.

The building blocks of a log cabin modular home are constructed in a controlled environment, much like factory production. That is why it is not real wood; rather, they use a sort of a polyester molding. The system is actually more acceptable today than before. Construction using modular blocks has been famous in the states of Michigan, New York and North Carolina ever since.

Another advantage of a log cabin modular home is that it is also easy to disassemble as to assemble. The modular blocks may seem properly fitted. This is because the builders use surface friction and gravity to hold the blocks together. Fastening them is done just to add support. It is because of the fast assembly and disassembly design of the modular cabin that the government often uses them in housing projects. A single cabin can be built within one or two days as long as the construction starts immediately in the morning.

A modular home design may not be your idea of a perfect cabin, but if you want to built a cabin within the budget, a modular design is your best bet.