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Log cabin Plan

Before starting with a log cabin plan, you must be able to select the proper site for building a cabin. The site selection includes the availability of sunlight, water, drainage, bushes and trees, and a large rock. It must be a place where the environment is habitable and more convenient to the resident. Bushes and trees provide ample shelter as well as fresh breeze to the cabin during the summer season while building a cabin beside a large rock will at least secure one corner. It is even better if the rock becomes a part of the log cabin. If there were no rocks to build the cabin on, makeshift supports will do.
A log cabin plan should also include the style of the log cabin. Its size, the roof type to be built, and the location of the doors and windows. Planning a log cabin can be quite challenging despite the availability of pre-cut logs for the cabin. There are various length sizes for cabins but the length of a log is basically the length of a cabin wall. On the other hand, a cabin must be constructed to face towards the sun such that every morning, the sun's rays will penetrate through the windows to give the inside cabin a natural light. It is also important that the cabin be built upon a solid ground and not a damp soil. A solid ground will also make it possible for an underground storage room under the cabin.

In addition, the resources must also be considered. Where are the logs will be sourced from, as well as the materials for the sidings, the roof, and the foundation? If the location for the cabin is too rugged for convenient delivery of the logs and other materials, you may have a problem. So it is important to include the resources in the log cabin plan first before continuing with the project.

Another is that the cost estimation of the project. Though a log cabin will be more convenient with a touch of city living, Having the look of a natural log cabin and being able to limit the budget is a better idea. The more natural it looks, the better.